Cute Cat Tunnel


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1. High quality fabrics: flannel and polyester fabrics, soft and durable, can provide scratch resistance and drowsiness. It can be used as a cat tunnel, sleeping bag or cat litter.

2. Rope: The belt is 60cm long, which can be used as a toy or tied in a bow as a nice decoration.

3. Easy to store and fold: the inner channels can be used separately, there are pink and blue, and the colors are shipped randomly. The collapsible tunnel can also be easily folded to save space and is convenient for travel and storage.

4. Smart and cute design: The lotus root hole is designed to observe the animal’s movements at all times. The plush edging design of the hole makes the pet more comfortable and three-dimensional. The opening above the hole can fix the internal passage to the rope

5. Multi-utility: Suitable for an integrated design of kittens, puppies and even rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. This indoor playground can be used as a pet cave



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