Lawn mat for dogs


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Comfortable grass and 3-layer system – The dog grass mat with tray (size: 25 x 20 inches) adopts a three-layer design. Urine leaks from the artificial turf mat and enters the collection box along the inclined tray to prevent it from collecting below the surface. It’s a great replacement for puppy pillows.
A great training and take care of your pets – Our dog  training mat can naturally sprinkle the plush dog on the grass tray. It’s perfect when you come home late to put your dog in or can’t let your pet out due to illness or bad weather. Using this dog grass pot will no longer cause biting accidents and make the dog’s life more colorful.
High quality and with pet dog chew toys – We also provide pet dog chew toys every grass pot. Regular play helps clean the tartar on the tooth surface and rectifies his chewing habits without a doubt, keeping your dog entertained for hours. The pleasure of chewing will relieve their stress.
This artificial grass pot mat is suitable not only for indoor use such as an apartment, but also for small spaces such as campers, patio, sun rooms, balconies and other outdoor uses.


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